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Weekly Newspapers

  • East Kilbride Mail
    Launched in 2004, the East Kilbride Mail is a relative newcomer to the East Kilbride media scene. Orignially launched as a direct competitor to the East Kilbride News and on sale in the high street, the newpaper changed to a freesheet model delivered to every household in East Kilbride. In March 2005 the EK Mail was bought over by Forth Independent Newspapers Ltd

  • East Kilbride News
    The East Kilbride News is historically the local newspaper for the area srrounding the village of East Kilbride . Today it is part of the S&UN (Scottish and Universal Newspapers) Group and appears online as part of IC Lanarkshire which is operated by the Tinity Mirror Group.
  • East Kilbride World
    The East Kilbride World freesheet is a version of S&UN's Lanarkshire World and is delivered to all households in East Kilbride.

Daily Newspapers

There are no daily newspapers published in East Kilbride.   The Scottish National dailies, such as The Herald, Daily Record and Scotsman, are of course on sale all over the town, as is the Evening Times.

Radio and Television

There are no radio or tv stations broadcasting from East Kilbride.  

All the main television channels - BBC1, BBC2, STV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 can, of course, be received. BBC1, BBC2, and Scottish (STV) carry a range of locally prduced programming. These channels plus a wide range of additional tv channels are also available on the terrestrial digital television service Freeview. Thistle TV (formerly Lanarkshire Television) is no longer broadcasting.

The main radio stations in the area are

Galaxy (ex-XFM & ex-Beat 106) 106.1 FM
Clyde 1 102.5 FM
Clyde 2 1152 AM
L107 (formerly Clan / Edge) 107.5 or 107.9 FM
Radio Scotland AM (810) and FM
Real Radio (formerly Scot FM) 100.3 FM
Smooth Radio (formerly Saga FM) 105.2 FM

Stations delivering peripheral coverage to East Kilbride are

Rock Radio (formerly Q96) 96.3 FM
Revival FM 100.8 FM
West FM 96.7 FM
West Sound 1035 kHz AM medium wave
Your Radio 103 & 106.9 FM

Radios 1, 2, 3, 4 and Radio nan Gael can all be heard on FM.   Radio 5, TalkSport and Virgin can be received on AM. DAB digital multiplexes also carry many of the foregoing stations and a range of other alternative channels.

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