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Amateur Radio in East Kilbride

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Amateur Radio

East Kilbride is not known as the most "radio active" town in Scotland. Truth to tell, it was about the very last town required to allow the first person to complete his original Worked All Britain Award !

That does not mean that there is no Amateur Radio activity within the town. It's just that it's not organised in any way and functions very much as a hobby for those residents of the town who are licenced and active.

One of the main websites about Amateur Radio in Scotland is edited and published from within the town and can be found here.

But those interested in Amateur Radio, computers and electronics of all sorts can once again get their bits and pieces in East Kilbride town centre with the opening on Saturday 9th August 2003 of a new Maplin Electronics store located a 1 Princess Square.

Silent Keys

A Radio Amateur becomes a "silent key" when they die.

Father Michael Gallacher held the Amateur Radio callsign GM3AHB and EI3CK and was a parish priest at St Leonards Roman Catholic Church in East Kilbride. He retired from St Davids RC Church, Airdire in September 2004. Michael's death was announced in the Irish Radio Transmitters Society news bulletine broadcast on Sunday 6th May 2007. for Quality computer components

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