Tom Selfridge Scottish Christian Party
Tom Selfridge
Scottish Christian Party regional candidate

Rev C Brian Ross Scottish Christian Party regional candidate for election to Scottish Parliament
Brian Ross
Scottish Christian Party regional candidate



election 2007 for the Scottish Parliament and South Lanarkshire Council

Election 2007

Thursday 3rd May 2007

Scottish Parliamentary general elections and
elections to Scotland's 32 local councils
took place on Thursday 3rd May 2007

For information about the voting system to be used in these elections visit This election there will be elements of proportional representation in both the Scottish Parliament and, for the first time, local council elections.

For information on how to vote and about elections in your area, visit

Giving your Regional "First" Vote to a ruling party could be a waste of your vote.
Read more about wasted votes at

East Kilbride Constituency Candidates

Candidate Name
Votes at Last Election
Dave Clark Liberal Democrats
Linda Fabiani Scottish National Party
Andy Kerr Labour Party
Graham Simpson Conservative Party
Others 16.8%

Regional List "First Vote" Candidates

Scottish Christian Party

Scottish Christian Party

Tom Selfridge, Brian Ross, Patrick Elliot, Iain Waddell, John McKinlay, Audrey McDonald, Brian Llewellyn, Matthew McDonald, Matthew McBean, James Houston, Rodney Marshall, Amy Waddell

Scottish National Party

Alex Neil, Michael Matheson, Linda Fabiani, Jamie Hepburn, Christina McKelvie, John Wilson, Marion Fellows, Frances McGlinchey

Scottish Conservative Party Conservative Party

Margaret Mitchell, Graham Simpson, Stephen O'Rourke, Janette McAlpine, Anne Harding, Scott Campbell, Iain McGill, James Callander, Diane Huddleston

Labour Party

John Pentland, Margaret Duffy, Jim Lee, Betty Cook, Craig Martin, Anne Widdop, Norma Hart

  Liberal Democrats

Hugh O'Donnell, Douglas Herbison, Ron Aitken, Natalie Maver, Callum Chomczuk, Stuart Douglas


Kirsten Robb, Gary Dunion, David Robertson, Gordon Masterton, Linda Campbell

  Scottish Senior Citizens

John Swinburne, Russell Rodger, Jim Robertson, Francis Moffat, Alex Anderson, Billy McNeill, Eric Caldow, David Thomson


Lynn Sheridan, Hugh Kerr, Gena Mitchell, Gordon Walker, Anna Lang, Ray Gunnion, William Kelly

  Socialist Labour Party

Linda Sheridan, George Rose, Ronnie Sinclair, Perry Lomas

  Scottish Socialist Party

Carolyn Leckie, Kenny McEwan, Charlie McCarthy, Joan Kinlock, Mary Straub, Fraser Coats, Colin Rutherford

  Christian Peoples Alliance

Teresa Smith, Joan Dillon, John Johnston

  Scottish Voice

Mev Brown, Gaille McCann, Joe Gorman

  UK Independance

Janice Murdoch, Catherine Knox, John Knox, Joseph Lauder, Neil MacLeod, James McKenna

  Scottish Unionist

George Fulston, Mae Dempsey

  Publican Christopher Fraser
  British National Party

Nicholla Ritchie, Bill Morgan, John Robertson, Richard Hamilton


South Lanarkshire Council Elections

Candidates for East Kilbride South

Gillian Alexander - Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Archie Buchanan - Scottish National Party (SNP)
Drew Campbell - Scottish Green Party
Jim Docherty - Scottish Labour Party
Douglas Edwards - Scottish National Party (SNP)
Lynsey MacGregor - Scottish Socialist Party
Colin McKay - East Kilbride Alliance
John ParkSolidarity - Tommy Sheridan

Candidates for East Kilbride Central South

John Anderson - Scottish National Party (SNP)
Iain Cameron - East Kilbride Alliance
Alison Campbell - Scottish Green Party
Gerry Convery - Scottish Labour Party
Colin Linskey - Scottish Liberal Democrats
Mark Sands - Scottish Socialist Party
Anne Stewart - Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Pat Watters - Scottish Labour Party

Candidates for East Kilbride Central North

Raymond Burke - Scottish Green Party
Tim Gingell - East Kilbride Alliance
Clare Keane - East Kilbride Alliance
Anne Maggs - Scottish National Party (SNP)
Alice Marie Mitchel - lScottish Labour Party
Catherine Pedersen - Scottish Socialist Party
Isabel Perratt - Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Gordon Smith - Scottish Liberal Democrats
Christopher Thompson - Scottish Labour Party
Sheena Wardhaugh - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Candidates for East Kilbride West

Pauline Aaron - Scottish Liberal Democrats
Brian Jones - East Kilbride Alliance
Kitty MacKenzie - Scottish Green Party
Michael McCann - Scottish Labour Party
Margaret McCulloch - Scottish Labour Party
Graham Simpson - Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
David Watson - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Candidates for East Kilbride East

John Cairney - Scottish Labour Party
John Doyle - Independent
Ian Harrow - Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Richard Naismith - East Kilbride Alliance
Graham Scott - Scottish Labour Party
Jim Wardhaugh - Scottish National Party (SNP)
Mark Watson - Scottish Liberal Democrats
Andrew Williamson - Scottish Green Party



Andy Kerr MSP
Andy Kerr
Labour Party candidate

Linda Fabiani MSP
Linda Fabiani
Scottish National Party candidate

Graham Simpson
Graham Simpson
Conservative Party candidate

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