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History of East Kilbride

East Kilbride's history goes back over many centuries.   The root of the original settlement was probably ecclesiastical, as is shown in the village's name. 

The Meaning of the name Kilbride
The 'Kirk' in Kirkwall, the 'Eagles' in Eaglesham and Gleneagles indicate the presence of a Church in these place names.

From the Irish missionaries of a bygone age, we get another familiar Scottish place name that means a Church - the 'Kil' in Kilbride comes from the Gaelic work call (or cill) which means a religious cell, which was a feature of the way in which the more monastic Celtic church tended to develop. (Unlike the Roman church which was more diocesan in structure).

So in Kilbride we have the religious cell associated with Bride or Bridget.

The Old Parish Church, tucked away in the junction of Hunter Street and Montgomery Street, has an ancient history and continues in this day and age as an active place of Christian worship..

A flavour of the history of the village can be found on the GENUKI pages for East Kilbride which, of course, also contain information of interest to those researching their family history.

The post-war history of East Kilbride has centred on the development of the New Town, which took the name of the original village.   The village has not escaped unscathed from this development and was for many years neglected.  However, today it is a conservation area and a flavour of the old village can still be enjoyed.   In recent years work has been done on the Village to improve and restore it and it is once again a pleasant place to visit and to shop.

August 2007
Call for Ancient Burial site to be Marked

While preparing land for the development of a new golf course in East Kibride, on a section of land known as Law Knowe, developers have uncovered what appear to be a bronze age, pictish burial ground.

Experts from Glasgow University’s Archeological Research Division, are working on the site to determine its age and what it contains.

Members of the East Kilbride History Society have appealed to Playgolf Holdings, owners of the new golf course, to place some kind of permanent memorial there. Chairman, Joe Allan, stated that, no matter what is discovered, it is a part of East Kilbride’s heritage which should be commemorated in some way.

Local historian and president of the Scottish Covenanters’ Association, Bill Niven, has backed the call, suggesting that a stone of some kind on the hilltp site would become a distinctive local landmark.

A spokesman for Playgolf Holdings Ltd is reported as having said that it is something they would consider.


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