Police Employment Discrimination

Today all police forces are required to have a non-discriminatory attitude to both their force and the public they serve.

They must not display, and should be eradicating within, any thoughts of actions which differentiate on the ground of sex, gender, race, religion - anything which says you are different from me.

As with many large organisations today, Strathclyde Police have been challenged on a number of occasions on the grounds of Sex Discrimination. Unusually, Strathclyde Police are being challenged for sex discrimination against men in their recruitment procedures. Read the following stories to find out more:-

Strathclyde Police were, in 1997, found to be guilty of racial discrimination by an Employment Tribunal, a decision confirmed by an Employment Appeals Tribunal in 2008 who decribed the Strathclyde Police treatment of one of their constables as "extremely serious with devastating effects" and "an abuse of power". this case was highlighted in the UK Parliament in Jun 2008 by Sandra Osbourne MP when she said of a staement issued on behalf of the Chief Constable "That statement constitutes blatant and institutional racism" - her statement can be found here.


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